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Zwei junge Frauen in der Bibliothek zwischen Bücherregalen

Search & Find

C3 Library offers several options for researching the library collections and digital contents. Here we will explain the different access points to our collections and the appropriate tools for your research.

Tips for successfully researching our collections

Select the appropriate search engine! Our library offers a wide range of very different media that appeal to students, researchers, teachers and multipliers. Therefore, we have two library search engines, each of which searches both printed items and digital contents.

Searching our collections


The search engine for International Development and Women*Gender

Mit C3Search+ recherchieren Sie in unseren wissenschaftlichen Beständen. Diese umfassen gedruckte Medien und auch E-Ressourcen wie E-Books, E-Journals und Datenbanken. Mit dem Fernzugriff haben Sie auch außerhalb der Bibliothek Zugriff auf digitale Inhalte.

Pedagogical collections

The search engine for educational materials and global education

You can research materials for educational purposes in the pedagogical collections of Baobab. There you will find didactic and education materials, movies to stream, learning games, children’s books and e-resources on global education, diversity and language education.

What is the difference between C3Search+ and searching within the pedagogical collections?

Having two different search engines for our collections is due to our wide range of materials and to our organizational structure. ÖFSE and Frauen*solidarität maintain the scientific collections, which are accessible via C3Search+. Baobab maintains the pedagogical collections with educational and teaching materials, children’s books, movies and games. These materials are accessible in a separate search engine in cooperation with Südwind libraries.

How can I research digital materials, electronic full texts and e-books?

Both search engines have filter and faceting functions that enable you to conduct targeted searches for contents of our digital library.


Which other search option do I have?

  • You can find an overview of all e-journals of C3 library in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB).
  • Searching  META-catalogue of i.d.a. enables you to search not only the collections of Frauen*solidarität but of more than 30 other women’s/lesbian libraries and archives.
  • In the search engine for our pedagogical collections you can also search all Südwind libraries from all over Austria.

How can I filter my results list?

Our search engines provide an extensive list of results. Use the filter options on the left to narrow your results specifically. You can, for example, filter by year of publication, item type or language.

How can I expand my search?

Use placeholders (truncation)! Library catalogues work a little differently than usual search engines. Pay attention to correct spelling and use * as a wildcard at the beginning or end of words to expand the search.