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C3-Radio, the development policy radio from the Centre for International Development. Our radio hosts Emma Sandner and Phillip Strobl shed light on current development policy topics for our listeners once a month. With interviews, reports, background information, and excerpts from the extensive event program at C3.

Every first Monday of the month on Radio Orange (8:30 pm to 9:00 pm) and on all major podcast platforms.

Current episodes

50 years of the ‘New International Economic Order’ (NIEO) – What remains?

50 years ago, the United Nations proposed an alternative world economic order with the ‘New International Economic Order’ (NIEO) in order to overcome colonial economic structures between the Global South and the Global North. What has remained of the NIEO’s ideas?

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Im Vodergrund Laptop Bildschirm mit Landkarte des Online Spiels, im Hintergrund zwei Frauen

Education in transition – playful learning methods for a sustainable future

How can the SDGs be communicated to young people? Are there playful approaches? As part of the Erasmus+ project FutureSIM, a “social simulation” with an associated learning platform was developed. Emma and Phillip tried out the simulation and spoke to the developers.

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Während der Aufnahmen für den Podcast. Zu sehen sind die zwei Hosts und mehrere Mitarbeiter_innen aus dem C3

Voyage of discovery at C3

Emma and Phillip went on a voyage of discovery to C3 for C3-Radio and asked the employees of the various organizations in the building a lot of questions. In the latest episode, you can hear what the two of them discovered during their local inspection.

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