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Pluriversal Conversations on Transnational Feminisms

and Words Collide from a Place

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  • Lykke, Nina et al. (Hrsg.)
  • Routledge, 2024. - 322 Seiten

This edited volume brings transnational feminisms in conversation with intersectional and decolonial approaches. The conversation is pluriversal; it voices and reflects upon a plurality of geo- and corpopolitical as well as epistemic locations in specific Global South/East/North/West contexts. The aim is to explore analytical modes that encourage transgressing methodological nationalisms which sustain unequal global power relations, and which are still ingrained in the disciplinary perspectives that define much social science and humanities research. A main focus of the volume is methodological. It asks how an engagement with transnational, intersectional and decolonial feminisms can stimulate border-crossings. Boundaries in academic knowledge-building, shaped by the limitations imposed by methodological nationalisms, are challenged in the book. The same applies to boundaries of conventional – disembodied and ethically un-affected – academic writing modes. The transgressive methodological aims are also pursued through mixing genres and shifting boundaries between academic and creative writing. Pluriversal Conversations on Transnational Feminisms is intended for broad global audiences of researchers, teachers, professionals, students (from undergraduate to postgraduate levels), activists and NGOs, interested in questions about decoloniality, intersectionality, and transnational feminisms, as well as in methodologies for boundary transgressing knowledge-building.