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Developmental Peace

Theorizing China’s Approach to International Peacebuilding

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  • Meng, Wenting
  • Ibidem, 2023. - 188 Seiten

Peacebuilding aims to resolve conflicts by addressing the root causes. The mainstream theory of peacebuilding is the liberal approach, which has been successful in some regions but has also faced criticism and failures in others. In response to the need for new approaches to peacebuilding, China was under the spotlight as an emerging and active actor in conflict-affected areas, through economic assistance, UN peacekeeping contributions, and mediation efforts. So can China’s practice bring stability and peace to the local communities? This book explores China’s approach through the Developmental Peace framework, promoting sustainable peace through multi-dimensional development: economic growth, effective governance, and the human right to survival and development. Based on extensive interviews in China and conflict zones like South Sudan, the author demonstrates China’s potential for achieving stability, though long-term observation is needed to ensure sustainable peace. Developmental Peace offers a comprehensive analysis of China’s role in international peacebuilding, providing valuable insights into conflict resolution and sustainable peace.