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Chihera in Zimbabwe

A Radical African Feminist Principle

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  • Buch
  • Ezra Chitando et al. (Hrsg.)
  • Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2023. xvii, 355 S.

Feminismus / Simbabwe / Frau / Afrikanerin / Indigene / Postkolonialismus / Religion / Spiritualität / Frauenbewegung / Patriarchat

Zimbabwean social media has been awash with images of a woman character, spirit, or concept called Chihera. Traditionally, a woman descending from the Mhofu (Eland) lineage/totem is known as Chihera. In the cumulative tradition of the Shona (a Zimbabwean ethnic group), Chihera is a fiercely independent, assertive, free spirited, and no nonsense woman. This volume seeks to deepen reflections on the Chihera phenomenon in the context of the search for gender justice in Zimbabwe and Africa. The authors reflect on how this radical indigenous feminist ethic circulating on social media can animate the quest for Zimbabwean and African womens full liberation from patriarchy and all oppressive forces. They grapple with the issue of generating culturally sensitive theories and approaches to galvanize the struggle for African womens liberation in post-colonial settings. Second, they locate the Chihera mystique in the context of the practical struggle for womens empowerment. Third, the volume illustrates how the Chihera phenomenon could be utilized for gender justice in Zimbabwe and beyond.