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Bodies, Territories, and Feminisms

Latin American Compilation of Political Practices, Theories, and Methodologies

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  • Delmy Tania Cruz et al. (Hrsg.)
  • ibidem Verlag, 2022. - 335 Seiten

This book is above all a commitment to encounter. Is the research result of a Working Group (Grupo de Trabajo) of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO), which brings together people who study and research, but who, above all, carry out collective actions from social organizations to transform the reality of our continent. This character of thinking doing, or rather, of doing thinking, of the Grupo de Trabajo gives this text a peculiar cadence. A cadence that demands a collective and cooperative authorship. It is also a recovery of the struggles that precede us, the sutures of the loom of memory that patriarchal and colonial capitalism strives to pierce, and that is another of the powers of this book. The book invites to dismantle the patriarchal and colonial legacies embedded in the very foundations of hegemonic academic thought, and demonstrates the urgent need to understand this as a political task of the moment. It is organized into three main stations, which, like a train journey, can be travelled through sequentially from beginning to end, or entered randomly, stopping at one or another section according to the interests and concerns of the moment.