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Blurring Boundaries

‘Anti-Gender’ Ideology Meets Feminist and LGBTIQ+ Discourses

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  • Buch
  • Beck, Dorotée et al. (Hrsg.)
  • Verlag Barbara Budrich, 2024. - 233 Seiten

‘Gender’ is a catch-all term: it is used in discourses on women’s and LGBTIQ+ rights, gender equality, sexual education, gender studies – and by the anti-gender movements. The book offers an analysis of the blurring boundaries between political positions known as ‘anti-gender’ on the one hand and feminist and LGBTIQ+ strands on the other, starting from the hypothesis that there are discursive bridges between both camps which go beyond the exploitation of emancipatory attitudes. Rather, there are linkages which originate in mainstream feminist and LGBTIQ+ positions. The volume sheds light on these linkages in order to make the case for the need for alliances and dialogues to more effectively counter crusades on women’s and LGBTIQ+ constituencies.