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Africana Womanism

Reclaiming Ourselves

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  • Hudson-Weems, Clenora
  • Routledge, 2024. - xxxii, 198 Seiten

The sixth edition of Africana Womanism provides important updates to the classic text in which Clenora Hudson (Weems) sets out a paradigm for women of African descent. Differentiating itself from the problematic theories of Western feminisms, Africana Womanism allows an establishment of cultural identity and relationship directly to ancestry and land.

Introduced in the mid-1980s, Africana Womanism offers a new term and paradigm for women of African descent, a family-centered concept, prioritizing race, class, and gender. This new edition includes an Africana Womanist reading of Angie Thomas’ twenty-first-century novel, The Hate U Give, continuing existing Africana Womanist readings of twentieth-century novels by Hurston, Bâ, Marshall, Morrison, and McMillan; a Prologue, a previously unpublished interview with the author; a revised conclusion; updated bibliographies; an updated annotated bibliography; and a new section outlining key questions, clarifications, considerations, and commentaries surrounding Africana Womanism in relation to other female-based theories.

Africana Womanism remains an important work and essential reading for researchers and students in women and gender studies, Africana studies, African American studies, literary studies, and cultural studies.