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Global Perspectives on Violence Against Women and Girls

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  • Bradley, Tamsin
  • Bloomsbury Academic, 2022. - ix, 254 Seiten

As the movement to end all forms of violence against women and girls (VAWG) gains momentum around the world, this provocative new work applies an innovative theoretical lens to gendered violence across a wide variety of countries and contexts.
Global Perspectives on Violence against Women and Girls engages with VAWG in the UK and across the global South, including case studies from India, Pakistan and South Sudan. Considering various forms of violence including harmful cultural practices such as FGM to Early Child Marriage, dowry and bride price related harassment, stranger rape, work-based harassment, Intimate Partner Violence and other forms of domestic violence, this important volume creates an original critical lens by combining the ecology model, the intersectional approach and a spectrum designed to identify the range of different forms of VAWG in a given context. Arguing for a greater understanding of the local political and cultural contexts in which VAWG is allowed to flourish, Global Perspectives on Violence against Women and Girls is one of the few works to give due prominence to local women’s organizations in the global South and beyond, who it argues must ultimately play the leading role in ending VAWG.