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Nicholls, Tracey
Dismantling Rape Culture
The Peacebuilding Power of ‘Me Too’
London [u.a.]: Routledge, 2021. - 209 S.
ISBN 9781000287721



Sexualisierte Gewalt / Vergewaltigung / sexuelle Belästigung / feministische Theorie / Aktivismus / soziale Medien

This book analyses rape culture through the lens of the ‘me too’ era. Drawing feminist theory into conversation with peace studies and improvisation theory, it advocates for peace-building opportunities to transform culture and for the improvisatory resources of ‘culture- jamming’ as a mechanism to dismantle rape culture. The book’s key argument is that cultural attitudes and behaviours can be shifted through the introduction of disrupting narratives, so each chapter ends with a ‘culture- jammed’ retelling of a traditional fairy tale.