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Morgan, Jennifer L.
Reckoning with slavery
Gender, kinship, and capitalism in the early Black Atlantic
Durham [u.a.]: Duke University Press, 2021. - 312 S.
ISBN 9781478014140


I D 831

Atlantischer Raum / Geschichte 1500-1700 / Sklaverei / Schwarze Frau / Kolonialhandel / Kapitalismus / Ware / Rassismus / Reproduktionsarbeit

The history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade is deeply embedded in the emergence of early modern economic and political institutions. Reckoning with Slavery resituates the early modern as the space out of which race, racial hierarchies, notions of value and trade, and ideas of gender and reproduction are mutually constituted. Through a study of numeracy, trade, counting, and commerce, the lives and experiences of enslaved women in the sixteenth and seventeenth century English Atlantic world come into focus. Rather than treating economy and culture as distinct aspects of social history, Reckoning with Slavery asks what we can come to know about kinship, family, and race through the archives of trade and commerce.