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Yamaner, Onur
Syrian female refugees in Turkey
Opladen [u.a.]: Verlag Barbara Budrich, 2021. - 176 S.
ISBN 9783847425021


I D 827

Syrerin / Syrien / Frau / Flucht / Türkei / Intersektionalität / Social Media / Medienanalyse

The present research explores the ways in which Syrian female refugees in Turkey experience social, economic, cultural and sexual marginalization and exclusion. The author tackles the question of how different discourses of exclusion are (re)produced, and how these discourses facilitate the process of Othering of Syrian female refugees. As the modes of marginalization of female refugees differ from those of male refugees or native women, the author takes on a two-fold analysis of discriminatory discourses present in Turkish society. Firstly, he explores the elements that shape the opinions of local women about Syrian women. Here, he tackles the questions of wearing make-up, reproduction, marriage, and veiling, and how the opinions and evaluations on these questions formed by local women construct Syrian refugees as the dangerous Other. Secondly, the author explores how Facebook and mainstream media act as spaces for reproduction of exclusionary and discriminatory discourses. In this sense, he maps out how and when certain discourses appear, and what purpose they serve in consolidating the social exclusion of Syrian women. Yamaner’s research highlights the many different ways in which racism, sexism, and patriarchy intersect, and how the lives of Syrian female refugees are shaped by these intersections.