Cultural politics of gender and sexuality in contemporary Asia
Tiantian Zheng (Hrsg.)
Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 2016. - IX, 229 Seiten
ISBN 9780824852962

Frauen*solidarität-Signatur:  I E 1191 

Asien / Geschlecht / Sexualität / Kulturpolitik ; Interkulturelle Paarbeziehung ; Alltag, Brauchtum ; Gesellschaft ; Asien ; China VR ; Thailand ; Japan ; Indien ; Kambodscha ; Pakistan ; Taiwan ; Homosexualität ; Mann ; Unterhaltungsindustrie ; Neoliberalismus ; Familienplanung ; Ehe ; Medien

This volume offers up-to-date, grounded, critical analysis of the complex intersections of gender, sexuality, and political economy across a diverse array of Asian societies: China, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Taiwan. Based on intense ethnographic fieldwork, the chapters disentangle the ways in which gendered and sexual experiences are impinged upon by state policies, economic realities, cultural ideologies, and social hierarchies. Whether highlighting intimate relationships between elite businessmen and their mistresses in China; nightclub performances by Thai men in Bangkok; single women's views of romance, motherhood, and marriage in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo; or male same-sex relationships in Pakistan - each chapter centers around the stories of the gendered subjects themselves and how they are shaped by outside forces. Taken together they provide a provocative entrée into the cultural politics of gender and sexuality in Asia. By foregrounding cross-cultural ethnographic research, this volume sheds light on how configurations of gender and sexuality are constituted, negotiated, contested, transformed, and at times, perpetuated and reproduced in private, intimate experiences.