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Hosseini, Behnaz
Women's Survival through Social Media
A Narrative Analysis (Asian Journal of Women's Studies, vol. 25, no. 2)
o.O.: Asian Center for Women’s Studies, Ewha Womans University, 2019. - S. 180-197
ISSN 1225-9276


R 16

MENA-Region / Terrorismus / Krieg / Jesidin / Erfahrungsbericht / feministische Medienarbeit / Soziale Medien / Trauma / sexualisierte Gewalt

While the popularity of social media is generally increasing, it is becoming particularly important for survivors of collective violence. The study presented here focuses on personal narratives of Êzîdî women who survived the violence perpetrated against them by the so-called "Islamic State." In these, both thematic and linguistic characteristics are being identified. The analysis incorporates concepts from discourse analysis and covers YouTube, Facebook, and other weblogs. As findings demonstrate, the personal narratives of the Êzîdî women can provide a deep understanding of the violence they have experienced and the support that the use of social media can provide. These insights in turn are intended to inform social media communication initiatives that reach out to and support traumatized individuals.

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