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We Travel the Space Ways
Black Imagination, Fragments, and Diffractions (Post_colonial media studies volume 8)
Henriette Gunkel et al. (Hrsg.)
Bielefeld: transcript, 2019. - 450 Seiten
ISBN 9783837646016


I A 3013

Science-Fiction / Diaspora / Schwarzer Feminismus / Queer-Theorie / LGBTQI / Postkolonialismus / Postkoloniale Literatur

Presenting a new look at and recalibration of Afrofuturism from queer and feminist perspectives, each chapter starts with an outstanding piece of visual arts, followed by texts in various compositions. The book “lifts off” with chapter I “A City Called Mirage” claiming the freedom to create new spaces through fiction, and insisting on black subjectivity in the context of ongoing anti-black violence. In chapter II “The Palace of the Quilombos” it’s all about the past within the future. Chapter III “The Archivist’s Vault” refers to Afrofuturism as a co-created project of collectives, and discusses migration, slavery, and Diaspora. Chapter IV “Brother Kyot” repositions European so-called high culture into an African and African-diasporic context. Chapter V “Prophetika” gazes into a queer future asking if there will be just “more of the same” for black people. Chapter VI “Orbits and Constellations” checks the meanings of time and defines Afrofuturism as liberation technology. In chapter VI “Final Orbit” some first-generation thinkers of Afrofuturism check on the contemporary discourse. This art book is an exciting and galactic exploration of queer and feminist Afrofuturism in the 21st century.

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