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Marino, Katherine M.
Feminism for the Americas
the making of an international human rights movement
Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2019. - 354 Seiten
ISBN 9781469649696


I A 1206

Lateinamerika / Brasilien / Kuba / Uruguay / Panama / Chile / USA / Feminismus / Frauenbewegung / Geschichte 1900-2019 / Frauenrechte / Antiimperialismus

US-historian Marino has written a new narrative of feminism in the Americas – with multi-lingual and multi-national research she so can reject the general view of the inferior role of Latin American feminists. In fact since the early 1920s „Feministas americanas“ have been the driving force behind the acclamation of „Human Rights are Women’s Rights“ and the globalization of the feminist agenda. In order to proof this Marino chose a rather extraordinary approach: Western and Latin American feminists had known each other very well via Pan-American conferences at that time and also corresponded a lot among each other. Using these documents Marino tells the story along with six remarkable American women, their debates, friendships, conflicts and accomplishments. The book is arranged in escalating chapters: demanding an international law for women’s equal rights; anti-imperialist origins of international women’s rights; outcomes of „The Great Feminist Battle of Montevideo“ in 1933; and the many necessary efforts to successfully claim „Women’s Rights as Human Rights“ into the „Constitution of the World“. A book that as well entertains as it presents a huge amount of new facts in global feminist history.

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