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Khader, Serene J.
Decolonizing universalism
a transnational feminist ethic (Studies in feminist philosophy)
New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2019. - viii, 186 S.
ISBN 9780190664206


I A 3028

Feministische Ethik / Feministische Theorie / Dekolonisation / Postkolonialismus / Universalismus / Transnationale Politik / Individualismus / Multikulturalität

Decolonizing Universalism develops a way forward for genuinely anti-imperialist feminisms. Against ways of thinking that suggest feminists must either reject normativity altogether or bite the bullet and treat feminism as a product of Western chauvinism, the book offers a universalist conception of feminism that is not grounded in imperialism-causing values. Insisting that transnational, postcolonial, and decolonial feminisms criticize imperialism rather than valorize of cultural diversity as such, Khader advocates shifting the terms of feminist debates about imperialism. Rather than asking whether feminists should embrace any universal values, as the popular relativism/universalism framing does, the book asks whether feminism requires embracing the specific values that have been thought to be vehicles for imperialism. Khader offers a nonideal universalist conception of transnational feminist praxis, that understands feminism as opposition to sexist oppression and transnational feminist praxis as a justice-enhancing project.

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