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Britton, Hannah Evelyn
Ending gender-based violence
justice and community in South Africa
Urbana [u.a.]: University of Illinois Press, 2020. - xvii, 194 S.
ISBN 9780252084966


I C 1099

Südafrika, Republik / Feminismus / Gewalt gegen Frauen / Sexuelle Gewalt / Häusliche Gewalt / Strafrecht / Strafvollzug / Haftanstalt / Polizei / Gewalt

Since the 1994 democratic elections, South Africa has been celebrated internationally for the remarkable advances of women in political office. The country continues to be near the top of global rankings for the number of women in parliament, and women are increasingly serving in local government, provincial parliaments, and educational institutions, which has inspired sweeping and progressive legislation dealing with women's advancement. Yet, despite these gains, South Africa continues to fall short, as the country is plagued by remarkably high levels of sexual assault, rape, and intimate-partner violence. Hannah Britton argues that the discrepancy between women in political power and gendered violence illuminates the limitations of carceral approaches to feminism, which attempts to solve social problems like gender-based violence by arresting, prosecuting, and punishing perpetrators. Based on fieldwork conducted over twenty years in nine South African communities, Britton has identified accelerants of gender-based violence, traced how gender-based violence is part of larger social inequalities, and delineated what policies are working and what are failing.

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