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Tate, Shirley Anne
The governmentality of Black beauty shame
discourse, iconicity and resistance
London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. - xi, 141 Seiten
ISBN 9781137522573


I G 1425

Großbritannien / Weibliche Schwarze / Ethnische Identität / Schönheitsideal ; Woman of Color ; Gesellschaft ; Psychologie

This book uses the experiences and conversations of Black British women as a lens to examine the impact of discourses surrounding Black beauty shame. Black beauty shame exists within racialized societies which situate white beauty as iconic, and as a result produce Black ‘ugliness’ as a counterpoint. At the same time, Black Nationalist discourses present Black-white ‘mixed race’ women as bodies out of place within the Black community. In the examples analysed within the book, women disidentify from both the iconicities of white beauty and the discourses of Black Nationalist darker-skinned beauty, negating both ideals. This demonstration of Foucaldian counter-conduct can be read as a form of disalienation from the governmentality of Black beauty shame.


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