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Nagel, Joane
Gender and climate change
impacts, science, policy
New York: Routledge, 2016. - XIV, 249 Seiten
ISBN 978-1-61205-766-8


I A 2813


Klimaänderung / Geschlechterrolle / Frau / Klimawandel / Gender

Does gender matter in global climate change? This takes readers on a guided tour of basic climate science, then holds up a gender lens to find out what has been overlooked in popular discussion, research, and policy debates. We see that, around the world, more women than men die in climate-related natural disasters; the history of science and war are intimately interwoven masculine occupations and preoccupations; and conservative men and their interests drive the climate change denial machine. We also see that climate policymakers who embrace big science approaches and solutions to climate change are predominantly male with an ideology of perpetual economic growth, and an agenda that marginalizes the interests of women and developing economies. The book uses vivid case studies to highlight the sometimes surprising differential, gendered impacts of climate changes.

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