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Asian genders in tourism
Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore et al. (Hrsg.)
Bristol ; Buffalo ; Toronto: Channel View Publications, 2016. - xi, 127 Seiten
ISBN 978-1-84541-579-2

Frauen*solidarität-Signatur:  I E 1170 

Asien / Geschlechterforschung / Tourismus ; Geschlechteridentität ; Südasiatin ; Frau ; Mann ; USA ; Diaspora ; Freizeit

While gender research in tourism has become increasingly important within Western academic circles, little has been written from an Asian perspective. This book is the first to address this knowledge gap and to fully explore Asian gendered identities and tourism. The chapters reflect upon the role of tourism in producing, reiterating and resisting existing gendered structures of power in Asia. The authors attempt to reconcile both Asian and Western perspectives on gender using their own personal experiences of understanding and negotiating Western and Asian identities and practices. The book paves the way for important reflections about the ontological and epistemological meanings of 'Asia', 'gender' and 'tourism'.

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