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Anti*colonial fantasies
decolonial strategies
Imayna Caceres et al. (Hrsg.)
Wien: Zaglossus, 2017. - 141 Seiten
ISBN 9783902902504

Frauen*solidarität-Signatur:  I G 1370 

Postkolonialismus ; Kunst ; Österreich

"Anti*Colonial Fantasies" brings together artists from different diasporas, students and lecturers, who engage with a critique of the repercussions of colonialism—including in academia - and the quest for transforming this reality. Working with various media - performances, videos, installations, paintings, photographs, drawings, and writing - as well as participatory formats, the artists expose ways in which colonialism persists today. Raising questions of race, sexuality, gender, spirituality, space, and time, they occupy themselves with the imagination and possibility of alternative realities and pursue decolonial strategies of resistance and knowledge production.

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